Canadian Coast Guard Association
Pacific/Western Region
The sold off CCGS Vancouver & Quadra in San Diego, California.

Some History

     An informal group of twelve retired Coast Guard Officers met for a Christmas lunch at Victoria's Princess Mary Restaurant vessel in 1988.  By 1995 the number had increased to 96 people, largely due to the dedication and hard work of Migs Turner.  A Canadian Coast Guard Retired Officer's Association Steering Committee was formed in March 1995 to determine feasibility.  At that time it was agreed that Art Mountain would chair a small working group to look into incorporating under the British Columbia Societies Act.  On June 20, 1996 Art was elected President of the newly formed Canadian Coast Guard Association and the society became incorporated on July 17, 1996.


1. To continue our Canadian Coast Guard camaraderie into retirement.
2. To support our Membership and their families, when and as appropriate.
3. To support those currently serving in the Canadian Coast Guard and other maritime interests, when and as appropriate.
4. To undertake or support other activities approved by the membership.

Estevan Point in the early 1980's.
Membership Application

     Application is contained within our newsletter or by dropping a note to:

W. McKechnie, Treasurer,
Canadian Coast Guard Association,
2010 Corniche Place, Victoria, B.C. V8N 6C1
(Current Annual Dues $5 - covers Newsletter mailing and administrative costs).

Include a brief bio of your CG career. 

Q: Who may be members?
A: A person who has retired from, or is presently serving in the Coast Guard, with at least five years of Federal public service, who is willing to accept the purposes and objectives of the Society, and pay the annual dues, may apply to the Directors for membership in the Society, and upon acceptance by the directors, shall become a member.

Q: Does the Coast Guard Commissioner endorse our society in any way?
A: The Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard has fully endorsed the Association and its purposes, with the understanding that serving Coast Guard personnel would not become directly involved in controversial issues through their membership or serve on the executive.
Keeping Current
    An email fan out is used by our Association to distribute eMails.  If you wish to have your name added, contact us by clicking here.